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Account settings

Account settings allow you to update your company information and Bókun settings.

To enter your settings page, select Settings at the bottom of the side navigation, then select "Account Settings"

Company Information

Subdomain: The subdomain is used in your login URL. Please note that if you change the subdomain, you have to log on to the new subdomain and let your colleagues know of the changes you've made so they can login at the same URL.

Your login URL will be something like:

Default marketplace terms: This is where you can choose your default contract terms.

WYSIWYG editor: Check this box to have the HTML text editor bar on text fields in Bókun.

Logo: Upload your company logo. The logo will appear on the confirmation ticket and on your Bókun Marketplace profile.

Content Languages

This is where you can add the languages you’d like your content to be translated into. Content applies to your product and service descriptions. If you would like to publish a booking engine on your website in other languages than English, click on Add next to your chosen language/languages.

Ticket settings

Logo style: Change the size of the logo on the traveler ticket if desired. In most cases you can leave this field empty.

Message on order summary: If you want to add a message to the email and invoice that gets sent to your traveler when they’ve booked, you can do so here.

Show prices: Check this box to show the prices of the products on the traveler ticket.
Note: The prices will always be on the invoice the traveler receives with their ticket.

Show invoice ID on ticket: Check this box to show the invoice ID on the ticket.

Show booking agent on ticket: If applicable, check this box if you’d like the name of the booking agent to appear on the tickets.

Show payments on customer invoice: Check this box if you would like to show payment on the customer invoice.

Invoice settings

Show seller company info: Check this box if you want to share this information.

Currency exchange rates provider: Select the currency exchange rates provider you prefer to use from the drop-down menu.


Email addresses for notifications: Add the email address/addresses that you would like your booking notifications to be sent to.

Booking notifications: When you manually create a booking in Bókun using Book: Experiences and Booking Desk, you’ll receive a notification. Check this box if you do not want to receive notifications by email .

Mail settings

Sender email: The email travelers will receive their booking notifications from.

Sender name: The name of the sender travelers will receive their booking notifications from, i.e. your company name.

Barcode Settings

Click the barcode format to publish on your ticket. By default, QR codes are used. However, if you have a scanner system in place, which reads different types of barcodes, you can select a different barcode from the drop-down menu.

Agents Settings

Offline contracts: You can offer your agents both online and offline contracts. Online contracts are the default contracts in Bókun and are used in the event that you give your booking agent a login to book their own products. If the agent emails or calls you to book, rather than using their login, you can add them to the booking and select whether you would like to use online or offline contract. Check this box if you would like to have the option of offering offline contracts as well as online contract.

Show price on tickets: Check this box to show prices on the ticket that the agent can print out/email to their customer.

Product distribution settings

If you are using product distribution, this section lets you define which distribution to add to your Marketplace and Booking Agents.

Audit trail settings
Enter the number of months you'd like to see the information for, viewable in the audit-trail report.