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Your billing dashboard

Get details on your invoices, your subscription plan and your payment methods.

We have a brand-new Account & Billing page with details on your invoices, your subscription plan and your payment methods.

In October 2020, we are moving towards a subscription based model to give you and your business more flexibility to tailor your Bókun account to your individual business’ needs and also allows us to offer you a wider range of features and services. Learn more about our available Subscription plans here.

Managing your account, billing and subscription all in one place

We’ve given our Account & Billing page a fresh look so you can see all your important account details in one space. From the Account & Billing page you can also update your payment methods or view your billing history as well as manage your apps and subscription plan.

You can now:

  • Have multiple payment methods for your account, providing you back-up if one payment method fails.
  • Manage your subscription plan
  • Choose and manage Apps that suit your needs
  • View your billing history and download invoices

Viewing your billing history

Click Settings in the left bottom corner and click Account & Billing, then select the Billing history tab.

On this page you can

  • See your monthly bill and your past bills
  • Check the payment status of your bills
  • Check the charges per month
  • Download your current or past bills
  • Pay past invoices

Viewing & downloading invoices

If you select the Billing history tab, you’ll be able to see all previous invoices and view the charges and fees applied. You can also download the individual invoices.

How do I make changes to my billing details?

Click Settings in the bottom left corner of your account and click Account & Billing. Click Update credit card, add your credit-card details or your PayPal account and select Add.

You’ll be able to enter update your payment details and review your current subscription summary before saving them.

We will bill subscription charges for the current month of your subscription/pro plan on the date that you started the subscription. Transaction fees that occur during your current billing period will be billed at the start of your next billing period.

If you’re looking to tailor your subscription plan to better fit your business with some additional features, you can learn more about the apps we offer in our App store.