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How to downgrade to FREE

You can manage your subscription plan directly in your Bókun Account.

To move to Bókun FREE:

  • Click on your account icon on the bottom left side of your Bókun account
  • Select Account & billing > Account overview tab
  • Click on Manage subscription
  • Select Bókun free and click Continue
  • Select the cancellation reason and click on Continue with cancellation

You will be shown a list of features included in PRO and the date you will lose access to them. To proceed with the cancellation, click on I understand, cancel my subscription and use Bókun Free. You will also lose your legacy Bókun PRO pricing. Any pricing changes to features that may have been made will apply to your subscription should you choose to resubscribe.

Once downgraded, you will continue to be able to use the Bókun PRO functionalities until the day your subscription ends. We will email you on the day of cancellation to inform you that your subscription has ended. Please note that Bókun does not process refunds for subscriptions.

For example, if you started your PRO subscription on the 1st of January but decide to revert to FREE on 15 February, your access to PRO features will be locked from 1st March.


What happens when you downgrade?

To learn more about what happens when you move to free, take a look at our article What happens when you downgrade