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How and when will I be charged for my subscription

This article will tell you more about the Bókun billing cycle and how you can pay for your subscription.

What is the Bókun billing cycle?

Bokun bills on a monthly basis. The date that your PRO subscription becomes active and you are invoiced becomes your monthly billing date.

For example: If your first Bokun PRO charge happens on the 15th of January it will then be charged on the 15th of each month going forward.

What about the 1.5% fee?

1.5% fee is applicable to bookings via Bókun website, booking widget, booking portal, API, Inventory Service and online bookings (no charges for Viator, GetYourGuide & Expedia bookings, or bookings that take place fully offline). The service fee is charged along with the subscription plan every month. Further information can be found here.

What if I change my subscription?

If you upgrade your subscription from FREE to PRO your credit card will be charged on the day your subscription becomes active. That day of the month will then become your billing date moving forward.

For example: You upgrade from FREE to PRO and you are charged for your PRO subscription on the 15th of January. The 15th of the month becomes your monthly billing date going forward.

If you decide to move from the Bókun PRO plan to the Bókun FREE plan you will lose access to numerous features that are included in the PRO plan. You will keep access to the Bókun PRO features until your next billing date.

For example: Your monthly billing date is the 15th. You move from PRO to FREE on the 20th of January. You will keep access to the PRO features until the 15th of February.

Apps are charged on the same dates as the subscription plan.

What are Bókun's subscription plans?

Depending on your business’ needs, you can choose between two different subscription plans, the Bókun FREE plan and our more advanced Bókun PRO plan. The Bókun PRO plan also allows you to add apps of your choice to help you take your business to the next level. Take a look at our plan overview below to help you decide which plan suits your business. Further information on Bókun’s subscription plans can be found here.

How does Bókun charge my card?

Bókun charges in USD. When bookings are made in EUR or any other currency, we convert the subscription and margin (1,5%) to USD using the official bank rate. When we then charge the service fee, we charge the value in USD and the card issuer converts home currency into USD, so any extra fees are dependent on the issuer bank.

What if I have problems with my payment?

If you’ve got any problems related to your credit-card or your invoices, you can find some troubleshooting tips here.