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How to connect to Experitour

How to connect to Experitour and what to expect when a contract is in place. - Find Great Things To Do Near You. Get Tickets, Book Tours & Live Unique Experiences From Our Verified Partners Network. We act as an online marketplace where suppliers from the entire world can list their experiences and tours for travelers like you.

What is a live integration?

A live integration is a direct connection to sales channels. When a traveler is looking at your products on an online travel agencies' (OTAs') website, such as, will display availability directly from your Bókun account. When a booking is created on their website, the booking information will be sent to your Bókun account, updating the availability of all your connected channels automatically.

How do I get the integration process started?

  • Send a contract proposal to on the Bókun marketplace. Before sending the proposal make sure you have set up contract terms with the commission you would like to offer, as well as selecting the correct products.
  • will accept the proposal, if you fulfill their criteria and have the products they are looking for.  will contact you with the next step.

What information does use from my products?

  • Availability
  • Prices
  • Extras
  • Booking Questions
  • Pickup & Meeting location settings
  • Rates
  • Pricing Categories
  • Photos & Videos
  • Difficulty level
  • Itinerary

What happens after the integration is completed?

  • When you create a new product in Bókun and you would like to have it sold on, you have to add the product to the contract terms.
  • Text description and images that appear on is managed by
  • Prices on are managed by you on Bókun
  • Cancellations and amendments by, will appear on Bókun and you will receive an email notification when there is a cancellation or the booking has been amended.

What do you need to keep in mind?

  • If you remove products from your contract terms, send an email to and let them know.
  • When you send a contract amendment, write in a comment within the terms identifying the changes you have made to the contract terms.

Invoicing and payments

When a product is sold on, this means that also is accepting the payment. You, as the supplier of the product, set up a contract with on how you invoice to get your payment. Here you can find more information on "How do I get paid"