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How to add Pick-up and drop off places

​How to add pick-up and drop off places, add city code and map coordinates.


What are pick-up places?

Pick-up places are the different locations that sellers offer pick-up services from. If your experiences includes pick-up, you can add pick-up places to your products which let your customer know where they can be picked up from.


How to add pick-up places

Enter "Pick-up places" in the searchbar or select settigns at the bottom left and find Pick-up places in the Product extensions section.

You can add individual pick-up places manually by selecting "Create Pick-up place" up in the right hand corner. You can also import a list of pick-up places from an Excel spreadsheet by selecting the "Import from file" button.

Create a Pick-up place manually

Add a title, type and the address of your pick-up. You can add your pick-up manually if it doesn't show up automatically when you start typing the address. A blue pin will be dropped on the map once the address has been typed in. You can drag the pin to an accurate location if needed.

Click "Submit" button at the bottom right once you've completed the form.

Import Pick-up places from file

You can download the file you need for importing your pick-up locations by selecting "Import from file". Once you've filled it in, select "Choose file" to upload the file and remember to save your changes.

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