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Allotment for pick-up

Set a limit on how many passengers can be picked up for your experiences, allowing you to have different availability for your experience.

Pick-up allotment is a feature that allows you to restrict how many passengers can be picked up for a certain experience. For example, you are able to offer 25 spots for the experience in total but you can only pick up 10 passengers.

This feature also allows you to offer pick up for your morning departure, but not for your afternoon departure.

How do I add an allotment to my pick-up?

1. Click Products > Experiences and choose the experience you want to edit from the list.

2. Navigate to Meeting points > Pick-up config in the left-hand side menu.

3. In the Available seats drop-down, select the option This pick-up service has a limited amount of available seats
4. You now have to add your available seats to your availability calendar. Navigate to Availability > Calendar in the left-hand side menu and click View availability.

5. Click the gear icon to edit your availability rule.

6. Select the relevant start times and add your number of pick-up seats available.

7. Remember to save your changes.

Note that if you only have pick-up seats available for one start time, you need to create a new availability rule for the other start time when you add "0" in the "Amount of pick-up seats available" field.

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