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Add pick-up times to pick-up places

Provider your customers with accurate pick-up times for your experiences, improving your customer satisfaction.

What are pick-up places?

Pick-up places are the different locations that sellers offer pick-up services from. You can add pick-up places to your experiences which let your customer know where they can be picked up from. Pick-up places can be e.g. hotels, apartments, airports and ports.

How do I add pick-up places?

Before you add pick-up times to pick-up places, you have to have pick-up places in your account. Follow the steps in this article to add pick-up places.

How do I add pick-up times to pick-up places?

1. Click Products > Experiences and choose the experience you want to edit from the list.

2. Navigate to Availability > Start times in the left-hand side menu and click Edit. Make sure that Display different start time / departure on ticket when customer selects pick-up is disabled. Click Submit.

3. Navigate to Meeting & Pick-up > Pick-up timing. Enter the settings you want for your pick-up time schedule. Remember to click Save.

How do pick-up times appear on the traveller ticket?

All travellers get their ticket sent in an email at the time of booking. The pick-up time is stated on the traveller ticket.

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