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How to create marketplace contract terms (PRO)

This article explains what marketplace contract terms are, and how to create them

What are Marketplace contract terms?

Contract terms is the contract agreement between you and another company in the Bókun Marketplace. It is where you define the reseller commission and the products you want to sell on the marketplace.

Do I need to create contract terms before I can make a contract in the marketplace?

Yes, it is important to create contract terms before making a proposal on the marketplace.

Who can create contract terms?

Only suppliers can create contract terms. If you are a reseller and do not offer any products, you will not be able to create contract terms. Instead, resellers can go directly to the marketplace and send contract proposals to suppliers.

How many contract terms can I create?

You can create as many as you need. You can create default terms that you use for all your contracts, or you can create individual contract terms for each partner that you work with, where you can create special deals and set different commission for each one.

How to Create Contract Terms#

1. To create contract terms, select Marketplace from the sidebar and then Contract terms

2. Select Contract terms and click on Create New in the top right-hand corner

3. On the Create Contract terms page, you have 2 tabs: Terms and Sellers.

In the Terms tab, you can set up:

  • General settings:

    1. Title: add a descriptive title for your contract terms, for example: Default terms, 20% commission.
    2. Price catalog: select the price catalogue that should be used for these terms.
    3. Invoice currency: select the Invoice currency that should be used for these terms. It is the currency that the invoices between seller and supplier will be in.

  • Set experience commission: they can set a commission that the seller will receive off of the price of your experiences.

  • If you click on Advanced Experience commission options you have the option to specify a different commission for products, extras and pick-up & Drop-off as well as for each ticket category and a product commission groups that will override the general one:

    1. Override commission for selected ticket categories: You can add ticket categories onto your pricing categories. You have the option to specify a different commission per ticket category. For example, you can select the ticket category Adult and give that specific category a commission of 20%, then you can select the ticket category Child and add 5% commission.
    2. Commission for extras: As a supplier, you can choose to exclude your bookable extras from earning a commission, or you can set a lower commission on bookable extras.
    3. Commission for pick-up & drop-off: As a supplier, if you charge separately for pick-up and/or drop-off, you can exclude your pick-up and drop-off prices earning a commission, or you can set a lower commission on the pick-up/drop-off. Note: If you are not charging separately for pick-up/drop-off, this commission will not have any effect.
    4. Commission groups: You can add a separate commission per commission group. Learn more about adding commission groups.

  • Select experiences of your contract: choose the products you want to include in the contract terms. You can include all of them by checking the Select all experiences option. You can also hand-pick the products you want to be included by using the search bar and select them by simply ticking the box next to the experience title
  • Click Save

In the Seller tab you can see a list of all the companies that are using the contract terms and if their terms are up-to-date. Please note that this tab only shows if the contract terms are linked to specific contracts.

How to link the contract terms to a marketplace contract?

Once you have created the contract terms, select a company in the Marketplace by clicking on their business card and click Add as Reseller.

You will be redirected to the Marketplace contract page. The contract has 3 tabs: Contract, Products offered, Prices and commission

The Contract tab is where you link the contract terms to the contract.

The Products offered tab will show the products you have selected in the contract terms. Your list of products that are available for this contract as per the contract terms you select. If you have different products assigned to different contract terms, this list will update when you change the contract selected in the Contract terms field. (Please note, Contract Terms must be created before assigning them to a proposal. Also, if you have a contract titled Viator, Expedia, or GetYourGuide, do not assign these to a Marketplace partnership).

The Price and commission tab will show the pricing of the products and the commissions you have set in the contract terms. If you need to edit some settings, you can go back to earlier steps.

Once you complete these steps you are ready to send a proposal. Learn more about how to send a marketplace proposal.