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How to update contract terms on existing marketplace contracts

Create or update Contract terms#

First you need to update your contract terms under Marketplace > Contract terms. In the contract terms you define which products should be available, their commissions and prices. Here is detailed information on how to set up and edit your contract terms.

Update Contract terms on your active Marketplace contracts#

When you have set up your contract terms, you have to update your contract in the Marketplace.

Click Marketplace, look for the contract you want to amend. You can filter the contracts by checking Active to get an overview of all your active contracts. Click View vendor and then View reseller contract or View supplier contract depending on what you want to edit.

Click Click here to propose amendment at the top right  of the contract page.

Select here the contract terms that apply to this contract. They already include the price catalogue, commission, currency and which products are available for this particular contract. If you need to make any further changes to the contract, this is the time to do it. If you need additional information on Marketplace contracts, you can read more about them here.

NOTE: If you are editing a contract where you are the reseller, you are not able to update the Contract terms. The contract terms are always selected by the supplier. You would need to request contract terms from the supplier.

Once you've updated your contract terms, write a message to send along with the contract proposal with information of the update and any changes you may have made. This is a mandatory field.

Then select "Send proposal"

Now you have sent your proposal and just have to wait to hear back from the other company. No changes will be made to the existing contract until the new proposal is accepted.

What happens next?#

The other company can accept, reject or send a counter proposal.

If you are a seller who sent a proposal to a supplier, you will receive a counter proposal with the supplier's terms. You can then agree to their terms or send a counter proposal.

When both parties have accepted the agreement, you'll have access to the other party's products.

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