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Auto messages to your customers (PRO)

Send messages to your customers before or after their experience that provide reminders and/or ask for reviews and feedback.

When can I send automated messages?

Automated messages allow you to send customised messages:

  • On booking confirmation
  • X days before travel
  • X days after travel
  • On booking cancellation
  • On booking change

How to set up Automated Messages for your account

Click Customers > Automated messages on the left-hand side menu.

Click Create message to create a new automated message.

Active: Check this box to activate the message. If this is not checked the message is not being sent out.

Fill out the fields along with the text you would like to include in your message.

Title: Add the title of the message. This is just an internal title for you to recognize the message

Message Trigger: Select at what point in time the message should be sent out. You have few triggers to select from:

  • On Confirmation: Send message at the time of booking.
  • X days before travel: Send message X days before travel, e.g. send a reminder 1 day before departure. (Note: 1 day is 24 hours before departure.)
  • X days after travel: Send message X days after travel, e.g. send a thank you message and ask if the customer wants to rate you on TripAdvisor, Viator, Expedia etc. If you select this trigger you can add a Review link for your experiences and send to your customers.
  • On cancel: Send a message when a booking is cancelled.
  • On change: Send a message when a booking is changed/edited.

Number of sent messages: Here you have two options, these are more valid for account specific messages, than product specific messages.

  • Always send this message for every matching product booking - meaning that if the customer books 3 products separately he gets this messages three times, once for each product.
  • Never send this message to the same customer more than once - meaning the customer only gets this message once, despite of how many products they book.


  • Only send when booked through specific booking channel

You can choose to send the message only for bookings through a specific booking channel, e.g. only for bookings through your website.

  • Set a pick-up condition

You can choose to only send the message if pick-up is booked or if pick-up is offered but not booked. Learn more about pick-up.

  • Only send for specific product

You can choose to send the message only for bookings for a specific experience

Bcc: email addresses

Add email addresses you want to have BCC’d in the email.

Create email

If you want, you can choose to use an email template for the auto message. Learn more about email templates.

  • Use subject and message from template

Toggle this button green if you want to use the subject and message from the email template you chose from the drop-down.

  • This is a marketing email

If you toggle this to green, then customers that have decided to be excluded from marketing emails will not receive this message. Learn more about customers accepting marketing emails.

Message subject: This is the subject of the e-mail you'll be sending your customers.

Message body: This is where you add the message itself. There are a few options (place holders) you can select to be shown automatically in the message.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Confirmation code
  • Travel date

To select these options, click on them in the top message body section and they will appear blue in the message text box. Then you can write your message around the automatic options.

Hyperlinks: To add hyperlinks to the automessage, enter them into the message body in the following format. The url should be the url you'd like to send the customer to and text should be the text you'd like to appear, e.g. Visit our webpage.
<a href="">Text</a>

The same format should be used for emails. The email address should be the email address you'd like the customer to email and text should be the text you'd like to appear, e.g. Contact us.
<a href="">Contact Us</a>

Note the hyperlinks will stay in this format and not turn into hyperlinks until the message is sent

Only send when booked through specific booking channel: Tick this box if you only want this message to be sent when the tour is booked through a specific booking channel. A drop-down menu of your booking channel will appear if you tick this box where you can select the booking channel this message should be sent via.

Set a pick-up condition: Tick this box if you would like to send a message depending on pick-up selection. There are two options you have:

  • Only send message if pick-up was booked.
  • Only send message if pick-up is offered but was not booked.

Only send for specific product: Tick this box if you only want to send your message when specific products are booked. A drop-down menu of your experiences will appear if you tick this box where you can select the product this message should apply to.

Save your changes.

Note that not all customers will receive the automated messages.

  1. Viator customer do not receive automated messages that are set to on confirmation
  2. Viator customers do receive an email when the auto message is set to x days before/after travel
  3. Expedia and GYG customers do not receive any auto messages

If you wish to learn about Automated Message History, please check this article here.