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How to enable customized bookings

This article explains how to enable customized bookings for experience products

What are customized bookings?

Customized bookings are bookings you can make in Bókun that override your normal settings without affecting your regular departures.

For example: You operate a walking tour around your city, and you have a start time of 12:00 each day. The availability for each departure is 8 Passengers and the price per participant is $50.

You make a special deal with a group of travelers that want to go on a tour. You offer them a price of $45 per participant. The group is made up of 10 passengers, and they would like to start the tour at 14:00.

Customized bookings allow you to override the title, description, duration, price and departure time of an experience. Customized bookings do not affect the availability of your regular departures.

How do I enable customized bookings?

1. To enable customized bookings for an experience click Products from the left-hand side menu bar, and then click Experiences.

2. Select the experience you would like to activate customized bookings for.

3. Click Experience > Advanced. Make sure that the Express setup is disabled, otherwise this option won't appear

4. Toggle the switch to green to Allow bookings with customized start times and prices (such bookings do not affect availability. Remember to click Continue.

Where do I make customized bookings?

To make a customized booking go to the Booking Desk. You can find the Booking Desk under Bookings in the left-hand side menu bar and then clicking Booking desk

How to create a customised booking