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Displaying your prices in your Product Lists

Display your prices, so your customers get all the information they need from your product lists

To make changes to your product list widget you'll need to log into your website builder and find the relevant widget you'd like to edit.

By adding the Advanced Website Upgrade app, you can display prices in the product lists on your website. The App is FREE of charge. Get more information on our Apps.

In the Bókun website editor:

  1. Right-click on your product list widget

  2. Select Connect to data, where you can choose between Connect Bottom left text or Bottom right text. This will determine if your price is appearing on the bottom left or right of your product.

  3. Next to your chosen option (bottom left or bottom right) you then select DefaultPrice from the drop-down next to it. By connecting this, customers will see your default price in Bókun at a glance while browsing. Here is that menu again with the above changes made:

  1. The option you do not want to use will need to have none selected in the drop-down next to it