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Changing the design of your Product list

This article tells you how you can change the design of your product list widget

There are lots of ways you can customise your product lists using the website builder.

If you’d like all elements on your site to follow the same design, you may want to adjust your Global design settings. Global design lets you make global changes that are automatically applied to your entire site. Learn more about How to edit global design.

To change the design of a specific widget or element, continue reading below.

Customising the look & design

You can customise every single element on your website, including your product lists by:

  1. Go to your Bókun website builder
  2. Right-click on the widget you’d like to edit on your website
  3. Select the Design tab of the pop-up

Here you can change fonts, alignment, how many items are on each row, buttons, image ratio, Background, spacing/padding and much more!

Changing the order of products

Products will always show in the order they are arranged in Bókun. Therefore, to change the order your products appear on the site, you’ll need to go back to your Bókun account and navigate to the Products tab > then select Product Lists.

Here, you can click on the relevant product list and under the Products tab and rearrange the list by drag and dropping each experience. Simply click on the arrow and hold, then drag the product where you want it to appear on the list.