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How to start selling Experiences as a supplier

Please note that we're not accepting new members at the moment. You can check out the Bókun Marketplace.

What is the Bókun Affiliate Hub?

The Bókun Affiliate Hub gives you access to experiences and affiliates from around the world. Skip the individual contracting between vendors and start earning instantly.

  • Boost your sales: Sell your experiences via our global network of affiliates across many platforms to reach your travelers
  • Get paid without having to worry: Receive your earnings automatically with zero risk payment protection by Trust My Travel
  • Grow new revenue stream: Discover and promote other experiences for a commission while expanding your experience offerings to your customers

What is an Affiliate Program?

In the affiliate hub, besides selling your own experiences, you can also promote other experiences and earn 15% commission for every booking made. Be the local expert and share a wide range of experiences your customers can book with you. You get to keep your customers engaged and make money at the same time!

How do I sign up as a supplier?

Click Affiliate Hub in the left-hand side of your Bókun account. Then click Join now.

You can choose to either offer all of your products, or just select specific ones.

  • If you choose to offer all of your products, toggle the Add all my current and future experiences automatically to the Affiliate Hub on. Then click Go live.
  • If you choose to hand-pick the experiences you want to offer, check the box next to each product you want to offer. Then click Go live.

You can also click Actions > Select all to include all of your products without automatically adding future products.

How do I sign up as an affiliate?

Click Affiliate Hub in the left-hand side of your Bókun account. Then click Join now. You can now explore the Bókun Affiliate Hub and start promoting products.

How do I use the Affiliate Hub?

You can access the Affiliate Hub by clicking Affiliate Hub in the left-hand side menu in your Bókun account. The Bókun Affiliate Hub has four sections.

  1. Discover: Here you can find other suppliers and affiliates to work with as well as browse specific experiences to promote next to your own experience offering
  2. My Offered Experiences: Here you can select and deselect experiences to offer in the Affiliate Hub
  3. My Suppliers: Here you can find all the suppliers that you are currently working with.
  4. My Affiliate Hub Resources: Here you can find news, documents and tips on how to maximize your Affiliate Hub potential.

How do payments work in the Bókun Affiliate Hub?

In the Bókun Affiliate Hub, all contracts share the same contract terms. The full payment from the traveller is split between the supplier, the affiliate and Bókun.

  • The supplier received 78% of the full price.
  • The affiliate receives 15% of the full price.
  • Bókun receives 5% of the full price.
  • Transaction fees 2% of the full price.

What is the difference between the Bókun Affiliate Hub and the Bókun Marketplace?

The main difference between the Bókun Affiliate Hub and the Bókun Marketplace is the flexibility of contract terms and how quickly you can get access to other products.

In the Bókun Marketplace, you must create contract terms and then propose contracts with other affiliates and suppliers. You then negotiate contracts with them. All payments in the Bókun Marketplace are handled outside Bókun. The supplier of a tour is responsible for sending an invoice to the affiliate that the affiliate then pays directly to the supplier.

In the Bókun Affiliate Hub, you don’t have to create contract terms or wait for approval for contract proposals. You can get instant access to other products and the contract terms are standardized. In the Bókun Affiliate Hub, payments are handled by Bókun. Around a month after an experience has been completed, both the supplier and affiliate will automatically get paid.

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